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GREAT FOR ANYONE DOING KETO TO REPLACE ELECTROLYTES   Are you an athlete or do you train like one? Do you workout regularly and push your body to perform to the brink of exhaustion? If so, ūMin Sport is right for you. ūMin Sport is specially designed to allow essential minerals into the cell while [...]

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Are you an athlete or do you train like one? Do you workout regularly and push your body to perform to the brink of exhaustion? If so, ūMin Sport is right for you.

ūMin Sport is specially designed to allow essential minerals into the cell while removing waste and eliminating toxins. ūMin Sport is formulated to supply the necessary minerals athletes need for peak performance combined with enhanced oxygenation that allows you to face challenges head-on with a clear mind, sharpened focus and increased energy. ūMin Sport provides the proper foundation of nutrition to build upon. If you do not have the correct mineral balance, other supplements you are taking could be wasted.

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  • Oxygen in a pill
  • Increases energy
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Improves stamina
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Replenishes electrolytes


The Science

The ūMin science can be understood as a ‘stacking’ of mineral complexes with the intent of generating nutrient synergies within an organism. This stacking technique acknowledges that dietary (ingested) nutrient intakes are not consistently optimal for an organism, and therefore the absence of even a single element co-factor may reduce or even interrupt biological processes/functions. This may be thought of in terms of the ‘metabolic price’ an organism pays for the acquisition of resources in the attempt to complete a function. At the cellular level, this price is directly proportional to degree of respiratory efficiency.

The stacking approach relies on both the chemistry within the product, and the chemistry within the organism, and as such the product can be considered a supplement to normal biological functions.

ūMin explores the synergies achieved by stacking 3 ingredient categories. Each of those categories is ‘natural’ in that it is ubiquitous in the natural environment. Furthermore, ūMin has created stacked mineral complexes such that each complex serves both a set of individualized purposes, and also exists in synergy with the other mineral complexes that complete the formulation of the product. In this way, the product may be considered to include high nutrient redundancy, or duplicity, in that the formulation may encounter within organism adequate -for example – dietary calcium, such that the calcium of the product is unnecessary. However, as the calcium availability of any organism at any given time in unpredictable, the ūMin formulation includes stabilized calcium, which the organism may or may not metabolize at its discretion. Likewise, the approximately 70+ elements within the product are presented as compounds, in an oxygen and silicon stabilized, pH dependent state, which the gastrointestinal tract, with its variable microbial population and pH, may degrade.

Oxygen stabilizing of elements serves a dual purpose as it also allows the product to introduce to the organism a high percentage of ingredient content as solid O, rather than as a liquid or gas. The O is present in both simple and complex bonded minerals, and released during digestion as both atomic and molecular oxygen (as an allotrope of elemental oxygen: O2).

Dioxygen (O2) diffusion through lung membrane is generally considered the primary oxygen uptake mechanism of the human body. However, oxygen required by digestive microorganisms is not supplied by the cardiovascular system. The human gut harbors the most substantial microbial communities within the body, and the microbes function within the gastrointestinal tract not merely to degrade nutrients, but are increasingly recognized as directly related to health, growth, illness, disease, and ageing.

Ingested oxygen is rarely considered. The assumption is that the oxygen requirement for the body is met via respiration. This assumption is incorrect. Non-respiratory passive diffusion of oxygen is required, for example, to maintain sight. The largest organ of the body, skin, has the upper layer supplied almost exclusively by atmospheric oxygen. Similarly, blood oxygen does not supply the oxygen requirements of digestive microbes. Such microbes may access oxygen via the degradation of ingested nutrients, if sufficient oxygen is contained within the nutrients consumed. However, the oxygen requirements of digestive microbes can outstrip the consumed GI availability. In response, microbes have the capacity to tolerate the environment shift from an oxic to anoxic condition, and accommodate this shift by altering from respiratory (oxic) to fermentative (anoxic) function. However, this altered function comes at significant cost to the host organism, the human body, as the beneficial microbial process is reduced as oxygen availability declines.

The process is described as follows: “The range of transformations microbes are able to perform is greater in oxic than anoxic environments AND the energy delivered is correspondingly greater on account of respiratory activity being more energetically efficient than fermentative activity.” (Madigan, et al, 2010)

Cellular respiration requires elemental oxygen, whether that process takes place in digestive microbes, or dense internal tissue. If oxygen is not supplied via respiration and the vascular system, then another mechanism must be present. In the GI tract the oxygen is primarily derived via ingested nutrients (and secondarily via consumed atmospheric air).

The 1931 Nobel Prize was awarded to Otto Warburg for identifying the central role of oxygen in cell health, and since then prestigious research institutes and medical facilities such as Harvard, Yale, and Baylor have confirmed Warburg’s statement: “The primary cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation [of sugar].” It is this shift from oxic to anoxic condition, from respiratory to fermentative activity, which degrades human health. The Journal Of Molecular Cell Biology has published research by John Hopkins, and Oxford, establishing that oxic conditions also open pathways that normalize cell absorption and metabolism of additional nutrients.

Research of the ingestion of highly oxygen saturated nutrients remains nascent. Particularly problematic is the digestive response to unstable oxygen-rich nutrients, such as dilute H202 (food grade hydrogen peroxide/dioxide). The weak bond of the additional oxygen atom leads to rapid disintegration, gas build, and digestive discomfort. However, ingestion of H202 has been practiced internationally for over a century, as has intravenous use of H202.

The molecular biologist Stephen A. Levin, Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley, has stated, “lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.”

Dr. Arthur G.Guyton, renowned author of the classic text The Textbook on Medical Physiology: “All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level.”

Dr. Parris M. Kidd, an internationally recognized cell biologist: “We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease.”

Dr. W. Spencer Way, in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians: “The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.”

It should not be mistaken that ingested oxygen must be measurable in effect via an increase in circulating, vascular (respired) oxygen. This is to misunderstand the physiology of oxygen metabolism and associated nutrient transport and metabolism. Oxygen saturation of the blood remains an absolute limit (100%), and as such – detractors propose – there could be no oxygen-based benefit of additional oxygen supply. However, vascular oxygen does not support the eye, outer skin, nor GI microbes. Oxygen supply to GI microbes, in both molecular and atomic form, is the critical factor in nutrient supply to the entire body, but not clearly measurable via blood oxygen.

Ingestible oxygen supports GI microbes, facilitating greater efficiency of GI tract absorption of nutrients, that in-turn supply the cells of the body. Oxygen stabilized nutrients are compounds that provide a multitude of benefits, most notably that bioavailability is regulated by the microbial activity within the body itself, and microbial activity is regulated by the availability of oxygen. In this manner, the ūMin science supersedes the medical use of products such as H202, as the stabile ūMin product acts as a ‘slow release’ nutrient in the GI tract.

Improved oxic efficiency of GI microbes (the reduction of fermentation activity) supports the microbial activity of increased bioavailability of digestive nutrients. As an example, the iron within the ūMin product is more readily absorbed via microbial activity when the GI environment is oxic rather than anoxic, which increases the iron content of blood, therefore red blood cells/hemoglobin, and therefore the vascular transport of oxygen and cellular oxidative phosphorylation production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

In the example above, oxygen provided to GI microbes facilitated the degradation and absorption of iron, which in turn facilitated the respiratory absorption and transport of oxygen and iron to support cellular respiration and enzymatic reactions. It is an example of a mechanism by which the ūMin product may support oxygen availability to the cells of the body without requiring that the ūMin oxygen content be GI absorbed.

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