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Antaeus Labs – LipoMorph 120 caps v.2 .

NEW LipoMorph by Antaeus Labs: Advanced Thermogenesis Activation Complex! Antaeus Labs is proud to present Lipo-Morph, a weight-management supplement at the cutting edge of scientific understanding of human physiology. Lipo-Morph is the first “fat burner” supplement to specifically target all known modifiable mechanisms of white fat browning, and both brown and beige fat activation. White […]

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Antaeus Labs – Modular Series – Baiba 30g (30 servings) .

Antaeus Labs Modular Series βAIBA is a weight-management supplement containing β-aminoisobutyric acid. β-aminoisobutyric acid (BAIBA) is a naturally-occurring amino acid that has recently been identified as an ‘exercise mimetic’ that activates a thermogenic white-fat browning program. – BAIBA is formed from the catabolism of thymine [1][2] and is also product of PGC1a-mediated amino acid breakdown. […]

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Athletic Xtreme -AX- Stimulant X 84 caps .

Stimulant – X Description from Athletic Xtreme Scorch away body fat. Vanquish unwanted body weight. Chisel out a leaner waist. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 capsule Servings Per Container: 84 Ingredient Amount % Daily Value** Stimulant X Proprietary Blend 570mg -Caffeine -N-acetyl-l-tyrosine -Rhiodiola rosea root extract -Zingiber officinale root extract -Erythroxylum vacciniifolum bark 4:1 extract -Hordenine […]

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Avant Labs – LipoDerm Ultra , , .

Avant Labs LipoDerm-ULTRA – 4oz Containing Yohimbine Hydrochloride in Avant Labs’ hydroalcoholic gel, Lipoderm ULTRA activates targeted fat reduction at the site(s) of application, while avoiding the negative side effects associated with systematic distribution. Expanding upon its predecessor’s revolutionary formula, LipoDerm-ULTRA utilizes a number of ancillary fat-fighting ingredients that decrease nutrient uptake and insulin sensitivity […]

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Avant Labs – LipoDerm-Y , , .

LipoDerm-Y, the product that made spot reduction of fat a reality, just got even better. Already containing the alpha2 receptor antagonist Yohimbine Hydrochloride in Avant Labs’ Patent Pending hydroalcoholic gel, we have added caffeine to help Lipoderm-Y release even larger amounts of fat from the site(s) of application?far higher than is possible with oral administration […]

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Avant Labs – Napalm , , .

Napalm is a unique and “explosive” mixture of ingredients that is sure to help you make quick work of enemy fat cells dug in deep on the battlefield of your body. By applying it to specific areas of your body, such as your abdominals, glutes, or thighs, the scientific concoction of glycyrrhetinic acid, raspberry ketones, […]

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BPS- Control – 90 caps

$27.99 $17.99

BPS- Control – 90 caps .

What is CONTROL? CONTROL is a premium fat-burning supplement, formulated with efficacious, research-backed ingredients in optimal quantities. In tandem with a healthy diet and training regimen, CONTROL’s ingredients work synergistically to help you carve your physique and conquer your workouts! No more feelings of lethargy and weakness when you’re pushing yourself on a fat-loss plan. […]

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Cell Nature Labs – LeanBac – (Fat burner + Digestive) 120 caps .

WEIGHT LOSS | Infused with Fat Burning ingredients which help facilitate weight loss by increasing lipolysis, suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, aiding in digestion, and promoting thermogenesis NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS | Formula utilizes Garcinia Combogia fruit extract, Raspberry ketones, Ginger Root extract, Cayenne Pepper powder, and probiotics NO CAFFEINE CRASH | Caffeine and Stimulant free formula […]

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Concret: Capsi Blast , , , .

Blast Away The Unwanted Weight! • Promotes Thermogenesis • Increased Metabolism • Rapid Fat Burning • Increases Training Endurance ProMera Sports is proud to introduce new CAPSI-BLAST, an exciting new thermogenic fat burner in a highly absorbable powder format. CAPSI-BLAST gets into your system quickly for maximum effects! Turn up the heat, burn fat fast […]

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Controlled Labs – Blue Sugar 120 cap .

Description Blue SugarTM:is the most powerful insulin driver and nutrient delivery enhancer on the market. Nutrient partitioning is the concept that the body can be activated to deliver nutrients, such as carbohydrates and protein, to the tissues we want (muscles) and not to the tissues we don’t want (adipose tissue or fat). This can be […]

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Controlled Labs – Red Acid Reborn – 60 serving- (best by 05/17) , .

Description Fat Incineration Matrix Dietary Supplement 60 Servings Made in a USA GMP Facility Fat Loss Energy and Focus Helps Optimize Metabolic Rate Natural Anti-oxidant Starts Working in 30 Minutes Helps Curb Appetite Fast Results and Muscle Definition We all know that supplements are not a replacement for nutrition and training but if you are […]

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Controlled Labs – Red Ghost 120 caps Blowout (05/2019) , , .

Red Ghost™ Nutrition and exercise are the ideal recipe for fat loss, but if you want the edge to maximize your time spent in the gym and on your diet you need Red Ghost™! With Red Ghost™ we have taken a metaphorical leap in fat loss formulation. It includes potent thermogenics, stimulants, anti-oxidants, hunger reducing […]

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E-Pharm Ursobolic


E-Pharm Ursobolic , .

Ursobolic, 120 Capsules Powerful Natural Compound For Increasing Muscle Mass & Decreasing Body Fat. Naturally Extracted Ursolic Acid. Ursolic acid-the active ingredient in Ursobolic-is nothing short of amazing. In a very recent landmark study ursolic acid was demonstrated to profoundly increase muscle mass and strength. This effect was found to be mediated in large part […]

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Epitome 60 caps

$33.99 $21.99

Epitome 60 caps .

EvoMuse Epitome Fat Loss Amplifier Epitome is a brand new, cutting edge development in fat loss. It works in ways we’ve only previously been able to fantasize about. Epitome helps control appetite and accelerate fat burning by manipulation of the Leptin pathway. By increasing Leptin sensitivity and keeping Leptin levels within normal range, the brain […]

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Evomuse – DCP – Recomposition Ammunition 180 cap , .

Evomuse – DCP INTRO EvoMuse is proud to announce the next iteration of the extremely popular fat loss supplement DCP. While some of the ingredients from previous versions remain, we have included several brand new compounds targeting additional pathways to ensure the new DCP even outperforms the great track record of its past. INGREDIENTS AND […]

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Evomuse – Defuse (240 caps) *SALE* .

NEW Defuse by EvoMuse:   An Innovative & Cutting-Edge Fat Gain Inhibitor! We can’t always be completely strict on diet. Sometimes Holidays come up…sometimes we are looking to increase muscle gain. Either way, the goal is to maintain physique and prevent fat gain. NEW Defuse by EvoMuse was designed for just that purpose. There are […]

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EvoMuse – HyperNova 6fl oz – Topical Fat Melt *SALE* , , .

Eviscerate HYPERnova  6 fl oz. The HYPERcharged Fat Loss Topical! The SUPERNOVA upgrade (HYPERnova) is ready to go and betas are now available for purchase. HYPERnova will now be a four-pronged attack on fat. As you know, the original Eviscerate formula dealt with increasing lipolysis by acting directly on fat cells via localized delivery of […]

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Iron Legion – Invictus , .

Iron Legion introduces Invictus!Invictus is an advanced cortisol control agent that can be integrated into fat loss, lean muscle building, and/or post cycle therapy regimens.  The main ingredient is b-Androstenetriol Key benefits Improved immune function Reduced inflammation Fat loss Anti catabolic recommend using .5ml in the morning, and .5ml in the evening (peak cortisol times). at […]

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Iron Legion- V11-KT , , .

Product Description 7-Keto Transdermal! Maximum Absorption!   This is the one and only VII-KT by Iron Legion. VII-KT is a 7-keto DHEA supplement designed to help you sculpt your physique like one of the Iron Legion. On 7-Keto DHEA you will experience increased fat loss and cortisol reduction which will eliminate catabolic muscle breakdown. This product […]

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MHP – Dopamite 60 tabs (Best by 07/2018) , .

Dopamite – Dopaminergic Fat Burning Catalyst Description from MHP Dopaminergic Fat Burning Catalyst DOPAMITE belongs to a new class of weight management aids known as dopaminergenics. Frequent cravings, low energy and a sluggish metabolism may all be associated with low levels of dopamine. Dopamine is a potent neurotransmitter and the driving force of your brain’s […]

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