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Antaeus Labs- PSYCHE – 120 caps (phosphatidylserine 50%) .

PSYCHE Antaeus Labs PSyche is a mood- and energy-enhancement supplement. PSyche uses three truly synergistic ingredients for a stimulatory experience like no other. For years mankind has dreamed of clean energy, and now that dream has been realized – no, not the as-yet-unfulfilled promise of renewables like wind and wave power, but a crash-free, clean-feeling boost […]

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MuscleTech Phosphatidyl Serine 600mg (Best by 08/2018) , , .

Platium Phosphatidy lSerineHigh Potency Phosphatidylserine Reduces Control to Support Muscle Recovery Improves Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio 150mg Phosphatidyl Serine 60 CountPlatinum Phosphatidylserine is a powerful phosphatidylserine supplement that delivers a daily clinically studied 600mg dose of phosphatidylserine. Researchers believe phosphatidylserine could increase the rate of glucose transported into muscle cells and, therefore, enhance recovery of […]

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