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Black Friday – Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish oil 120ct , .

Orange OxiMega Fish Oil Description from Controlled Labs Enteric Coated Fish Oil. Dietary Supplement. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 2 softgels Servings Per Container: 60 Ingredient Amount % Daily Value** Calories 18 Calories from fat 18 Total Fat 2g 3 Saturated Fat 0g 0 Monounsaturated Fat 0g 0 Polyunsaturated Fat 2g Cholesterol 4mg 1 Vitamin E 20IU […]

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BLACK FRIDAY – Controlled Labs– VitMore 30 Serving BOGO Blowout (best by 09/2018) , .

    VITmore Serious athletes are unique in that they intentionally subject their bodies to incredible amounts of stress with training and cardio. Over time deficiencies can arise and that means that you aren’t getting optimal results from your training.* Iron Free Formula!* Supports Optimized Results from Training!* Bioavailable Forms of Vitamins & Minerals!* VITmore™ […]

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Black Friday Controlled Labs – Orange Health IQ – 90 tabs , .

Product Description Orange HealthIQ™ is a comprehensive, fully dosed, open label, total body health supplement. It features 19 different ingredients that support 7 major bodily organs and 14 health benefits! Orange HealthIQ™ is no ordinary overall health formula; it was designed with the athlete in mind. Athletes are constantly breaking down their body to build […]

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BLACK FRIDAY Controlled Labs – Orange Triad 270ct , .

Orange Triad Overview Controlled Labs Orange Triad is a premium, twice daily multivitamin supplying a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes optimized specifically for athletes and bodybuilders. In addition to the vitamins and minerals, you’ll find a joint support blend, a flexibility and mobility support matrix and a digestion & immune blend. Each […]

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Controlled Labs – Blue Sugar 120 cap .

Description Blue SugarTM:is the most powerful insulin driver and nutrient delivery enhancer on the market. Nutrient partitioning is the concept that the body can be activated to deliver nutrients, such as carbohydrates and protein, to the tissues we want (muscles) and not to the tissues we don’t want (adipose tissue or fat). This can be […]

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Controlled Labs – Orange OxiMega Greens 327g – 60 Servings BLOWOUT (Best by 2020) , .

Description 60 Servings Dietary Supplement Overall Health Made in a USA GMP Facility The second component of Orange OxiMega is a true sports greens product which is the first of its kind. This is no ordinary greens product; it has additional complexes geared towards real athletes. The “Cardiovascular Complex” is full of nitrate donor vegetables […]

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Controlled Labs – Red Acid Reborn – 60 serving- (best by 05/17) , .

Description Fat Incineration Matrix Dietary Supplement 60 Servings Made in a USA GMP Facility Fat Loss Energy and Focus Helps Optimize Metabolic Rate Natural Anti-oxidant Starts Working in 30 Minutes Helps Curb Appetite Fast Results and Muscle Definition We all know that supplements are not a replacement for nutrition and training but if you are […]

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Controlled Labs – White Flash -20 Servings Blowout

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Controlled Labs – White Flash -20 Servings Blowout , .

Endurance & Extreme Pumps! Synergy, Strength & Stamina! Fast Absorbing & Fast Acting!     Controlled Labs mission with White Flash was to create a premier pump product that the competition couldn’t touch. By using the best ingredients, novel compounds, and proper dosages, nothing comes close to White Flash. It covers every angle of the pump […]

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Controlled Labs – White Flood Classic – Original Formula (3 flavors)

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Controlled Labs – White Flood Classic – Original Formula (3 flavors) , , .

      White Flood Classic: Nitric Oxide Energy Enhancer   – Fast absorbing and fast acting – Synergy, strength and stamina – Endurance and extreme pumps – Nutrient delivery and recovery – Sugar & Carb Free – Stimulate neurons – Enhanced creatine utilization   White Flood Classic The ORIGINAL that started it all over 10 […]

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Controlled Labs Purple Wraath 45 servings Grape Blowout , .

Purple Wraath Overview Controlled Labs Purple Wraath is an ultra-premium intra-workout drink rich in micronized amino acids and endurance enhancing nutrients like beta alanine, citrulline malate and l-norvaline that help enhance workout duration, quality and recovery. L-leucine, l-arginine and l-histidine are included in high amounts to ensure the biggest pumps and highest level of recovery […]

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Controlled Labs- CREAmore -50 serv- BLOWOUT (03/2019) , , .

Crea More Description from Controlled Labs CARNmore: High Quality Carnitine Tartrate L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is an amino acid that potentially helps with muscle recovery and hormonal enhancement. If you are looking for a boost in the gym via greater maximum recovery, then this ingredient may be able to help. Due to its non-stimulant nature, this is […]

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